Hi, I'm Brittany North.

Brittany North - Owner, Dog Trainer, Certified Sports Canine Massage Therapist

Here at North Paws Wilderness, our training is designed for humans to live a cohesive lifestyle with their dog.

I know exactly what it feels like to want to change unwanted behavior with your dog and/or owning a reactive dog. I’ve spent countless hours and dollars training my dogs with poor results.

It wasn’t until I learned how to communicate clearly with my dogs that I started to see real life results. Through communicating clearly with my dogs I then became the pack leader who my dogs looked to for guidance. My dogs and I were finally able to live with a piece of mind and our relationships strengthened.

I offer customized dog training for any breed or age. My goal is for all dogs and people to be able to have a happy relationship where you coexist peacefully at home and in public.

I center training around a calm state of mind. When dogs have a calm mind they are able to make better choices. In order to successfully achieve a new state of mind we reward wanted behaviors, redirect, and help dogs unlearn bad habits and unwanted behaviors.

By making training black and white, our dogs then become critical thinkers and increase the likelihood of them making the right decision. Dogs (puppies, adult, rescue) can and want to learn, work and please, all you need is the knowledge, technique, patience, consistency and time.

Lets create reliable and dependable dogs together!



“Brittany has helped me so much in my relationship with my dogs. I reached out to her at the beginning of summer 2021 to help me with my young dog who was starting to show signs of reactivity towards other dogs he didn’t know. Brittany worked with us over the course of the summer to build our confidence (both the mine and Conway’s) and eventually build up our toolbox to help navigate Conway’s world. I cannot say enough good things about Brittany and her teaching method.”